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About us

PRIMAR AQUACULTURE is the first certified organic aquaculture farm in Brazil.


Located at Sítio São Félix, at the south coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, in Tibau do Sul, PRIMAR AQUACULTURE has 40 acres of production ponds which present ideal conditions for farming estuarine species. This carefully chosen property maintains a tradition in aquaculture that dates back to the early 50’s.


Established in 1993 by the biologist Alexandre Wainberg, PRIMAR AQUACULTURE started its history by cultivating the native shrimp Penaeus subtilis. Within 10 years it progressed to the intensive monoculture of the whiteleg shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. PRIMAR’s sales started in the local market from 1993 to 1999, and then began to export its production in partnership with a seafood processing company.


In 2002, a different direction was taken and sustainability was prioritized by implementing “PRIMAR’s System of Organic Aquaculture”, following IFOAM’s Best Practice Guidelines (International Forum of Organic Associations and Movements). In december 2003, PRIMAR completed its conversion process and achieved the organic certification, as certified by IBD - Biodynamic Institute. “PRIMAR’s System of Organic Aquaculture” adopts and promotes management practices of low ecological impact, highlighting social and environmental care and respect. In 2004, after the certification process and aiming a more fair trade, PRIMAR started its direct sales of organic shrimp, bringing producer and consumer even closer and making available a product of exceptional quality to the local market.

Later in 2005 it was introduced the native oyster Crassostrea gasar to this culture system, along with shrimp production. In the beginning of the activity, juveniles were acquired from local fishermen who removed them from the mangroves and brought them to PRIMAR for the final grow out stages. However, extractive fishery is not sustainable long-term, so research took place in order to be able to produce and supply oyster seeds. 


Finally, in 2014, PRIMAR’s laboratory of C. gasar seed production came into operation and approximately a year and a half later, 1.5 million seeds were placed into floating bags in our culture ponds. 

Furthermore, in 2015, PRIMAR obtained its license to cultivate the longsnout seahorse Hippocampus reidi for ornamental purposes and the activity kicked off in 2016.

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