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Hatchery of the native oyster Crassostrea gasar

In 2014, PRIMAR launched its laboratory of seed production of the native oyster Crassostrea gasar.


With cutting-edge technology and a specialized team, we are the only laboratory of oyster seed production in the northeast of Brazil. The laboratory has been projected to produce 6 million seeds per season

The infrastructure is composed of a spawning, larviculture and nursery room, plus a microscopy room, collection of microalgae strains, an intermediate room and finally an area for the mass culture of microalgae to feed oyster larvae and seeds.


The water captured in our water supply channel goes through an extensive process of treatment and purification before being used in the laboratory, in order to meet all sanitation requirements.


PRIMAR maintains its own broodstock and constantly works to select the best breeders to guarantee the production of great quality seeds.

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