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PRIMAR Institute

PRIMAR Institute is a project that started informally many years ago, with the exchange of activities between PRIMAR, in the person of its mentor, the biologist Alexandre Alter Wainberg, M.Sc., in memoriam, and research and higher education institutions. By providing field work support to develop academic studies, until 2017 over 30 undergraduate and postgraduate theses and dissertations have been developed at PRIMAR, both nationally and internationally (see sidebar menu).

PRIMAR is open to visitations from educational and professional institutions of the aquaculture sector, currently with over 2500 registered visitors.

The main goal of PRIMAR Institute is to become a center for research in aquaculture, shrimp farming, aquariology and estuarine aquaculture in general. Our contribution takes place through participating in events within the sector, sharing the Institute's library content and hosting students and professionals for internships and field research at the property. For this purpose, PRIMAR Institute has free housing to comfortably host up to 5 people.

PRIMAR Institute’s library contains a set of over 5.000 titles of scientific research, articles, books and videos related to the development and farming of aquatic organisms. At this moment, access to the library is restricted to visitors only, however it is possible to request access to its content (see sidebar menu). Access to PRIMAR Institute’s library is free of charge.


Academic research




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